Brodix 10° Super Late Model 4.500


This 10° cylinder head is designed for 400-430 cu. In. dirt super late models. As with all our products, this cylinder head also went through countless hours of research and development time. Our goal is to obtain the maximum torque and power level of an engine without sacrificing drivability.

This head has a lot of power producing benefits not found in a normal inline valve head. The bore spacing has been spread out .100 of an inch which allows for larger bore diameters and larger intake valves and also the valve centerlines have been rotated around the bore centerline which really straightens the intake port path and enhances the engines airflow. With this heads rotated valve layout, raised 312 cc intake ports that flow 420 cfm and exhaust ports that flow 290 cfm, coupled with 37cc high quench fast burn combustion chambers and a one piece shaft mounted rocker system with 12 fasteners for high rpm stability, Our goals have been achieved!

This head is offered with a lightening program. We also offer a 3 piece, fully cnc’d, billet intake manifold that weighs only 9lbs.