13 4.400 Bore Center Head

This 13° cylinder head was designed for smaller inch dirt track engines ( 400 – 430 cu.in. ). Since its release earlier in the 2018 season, this cylinder head, topped with our billet intake manifold, has dominated the northeast dirt track scene. These heads ship fully cnc lightened and ready to assemble or we can assemble them for you with top shelf parts! The intake ports flow 395cfm with a 2.180″ valve at 0.700″ lift and the exhaust flows 280cfm with a 1.600″ valve at 0.700″ lift. Initial testing yielded 770 horsepower and over 650 ft.lbs. of torque on a 415 cu.in. engine! Accepts 2.180 – 2.200 Intake valves and 1.600 exhaust valves and an 18° sbc header flange.