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Three years ago Mike’s Racing Heads totally revolutionized the cylinder head market with their 18° conventional style big block Chevrolet cylinder head. With over 75 wins in the northeast big block dirt modified circuit alone, it’s quite clear that Mike is not making fictitious claims!

“This cylinder head revolutionized the big block cylinder head market and left our competitors scrambling to figure out just what we did and how we did it,” says Sr. “Don’t be fooled by other so called “revolutionary” 18° conventional big block heads. This is the original and anything else is just a bad imitation.” While their competitors are feverishly trying to copy and reproduce the original design, Mike’s Racing Heads is improving upon theirs more and more every day. “They just can’t reproduce it,” notes Mike Androwick Sr. “Our competition just hasn’t made anything like this head that is as good. They can’t make it work like we have and we’re just getting started. We’ve improved upon it even more and they’re in for a big surprise. Our customers dominate with this cylinder head package every weekend and it’s only going to get worse for our competitors from here.”

These are some pretty stout claims by owner Mike Androwick Sr. but after a little research, the amount of races that have been won by racers utilizing this technology are astounding. With over 75 race wins it’s quite clear that Mike is not making fictitious claims. “The numbers don’t lie, especially where they matter most; at the race track,” states Mike. “We’ve been at this particular project for three years and we knew this would be the result of all of our research and development work.”

So what sets this cylinder head apart from the rest? A closer look reveals quite a lot of innovation in this head. Valve positions have been moved drastically to improve port design and cylinder charging. The combustion chamber is under 80cc’s and the design produces a much faster burn rate than what can be found in other BBC cylinder heads. The most obvious thing about this head is the raised intake ports. They are over 0.500” higher than any other conventional cylinder head design that’s currently available. Coupled with a custom “bullet proof” rocker arm system, it’s pretty easy to see why this head is so revolutionary and why it has dominated the way it has.

Mike’s Racing Heads sells this cylinder head as a complete package completely assembled with the absolute best parts and a custom intake manifold designed and machined by Mike’s Racing Heads. Their complete package makes well over 830 horsepower and 700 ft. lbs. of torque on a 468 DIRT engine. They also sell these heads for engines up to 540 cubic inches, with modified porting to compliment the bigger cubic inch engines. For pricing and more information contact Mike’s Racing Heads.