Mike’s Racing Heads is a full service machine shop that specializes in the high performance motorsports market. With Over 30 years of experience, we have the knowledge and technology to ensure that you dominate at the racetrack.

Cylinder Head & Manifold Porting

We can update/tune up your current cylinder head and manifold package to perform better than what it currently does; Even if your heads and manifold have already been ported by another shop! If you would like to start fresh with a new set of cylinder heads and an intake manifold our knowledgeable staff can help you with getting the perfect setup for your current engine/car combination.

There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to cylinder heads. Every form of racing requires something different when it comes to cylinder head and manifold port design. At Mike’s Racing Heads, we design everything to fit your specific needs and we have the experience in every form of racing imaginable to be able to achieve this. Whether you’re ripping around a dirt track, blasting full throttle down a drag strip, or racing the road course, we can make you faster.

Proprietary Porting: At Mike’s Racing Heads we understand that every little performance advantage you can gain over your competition is extremely important. Equally important is that this advantage stays a secret. We offer proprietary Porting services to all of our customers. If you have Ports that you need reproduced, you can rest assured that they will stay yours and will not be sold to or seen by any of your competitors.


CNC Services

In addition to our cylinder head and manifold porting and design, we also offer 5-axis CNC machining and digitizing services. With our state of the art Haas ES5-4t 5-axis CNC machining center and digitizing equipment, Mike’s Racing Heads can duplicate Your current porting program or design and produce a new porting program for your shop. Our experience in the industry and attention to detail ensures that you will not be disappointed in our work.

Mike’s racing heads also offers CNC services for producing other parts too; not just for motorsports. Whether it’s a prototype part that you need made or a production run of over 1,000 pieces, Mike’s Racing Heads has the equipment and the resources to produce them quickly and at a lower cost and higher quality than our competitors.


CAD/CAM & 3D Modeling

Mike’s Racing Heads offers in house CAD/CAM and 3D modeling services to produce any part that you or your company may need designed and machined. What this means for you is when you send us a blueprint or 3D model, it will not be seen by anyone other than Mike’s Racing Heads employees. Utilizing some of the best software available, Mike’s Racing Heads is able to accurately and efficiently produce and design anything that you or your company may need.


Welding and Repair

We do offer aluminum cylinder head welding and repair. With years of welding experience and top shelf equipment; if it’s feasible we can fix it! Sometimes your cylinder head(s) may not be feasible to repair and if that’s the case, Mike’s Racing Heads can order you a brand new set of cylinder heads, for a price that’s usually lower than what our competition has to offer.